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Defective Furniture

As always, MLF promises to provide quality product and best service. We keep eyes on very each piece of furniture that we produce and make sure them perfect for our customers. MLF defective furniture are damaged during the shipping though they are perfectly well when produced. Most of MLF defective furnitures only have some scratch on base or some minor flaw which can be refurnished with some DIY tools. Meanwhie they are for sale at a reasonable price. Competitive price for a nearly BRAND new furniture instead of used or second hand furniture! 

Following pictures are dective furniture available now. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us for detailed information! Only limited classic furniture is alailable NOW!
Email:            [email protected]
Telephone:   727 755 0535


Defective Detail
  1. Description: minor scratches
  2. DIY:repaint or refurnish


  1. Description:not stick very well
  2. DIY:glues


  1. Description: screw hole is sightly moved.
  2. DIY: refunish

  1. Description:minor scratch
  2. DIY:repaint or refurnish

  1. Description:minor scratch
  2. DIY:repaint