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  • MLF Nelson Platform Bench (3 Sizes)
    Price: $499.00 $199.00
    Bulk Order As Low As $179.00
  • MLF Pavilion Bench (4 Colors/2 Sizes)
    Price: $1,149.00 $549.00
    Bulk Order As Low As $509.00
  • MLF 2 Seater Bench (5 Colors)
    Price: $1,099.00 $559.00
    Bulk Order As Low As $519.00
  • MLF Nelson Platform Bench (3 Sizes) (MLF020)
    Product Attributes: 
    4 Feet:
    Product Dimension  (inch): L47.6*W18.5*H14.2
    Package Dimension (inch): L52.36*W22.05*H7.09
    Net Weight (lb.): 28.7
    Gross Weight (lb.): 33.07
    5 Feet:
    Product Dimension  (inch): L59.9*W18.5*H14.2
    Package Dimension (inch): L64.96*W22.05*H7.09
    Neat Weight (lb.): 33.1
    Gross Weight (lb.): 37.5
    6 Feet:
    Product Dimension  (inch): L71.7*W18.5*H14.2
    Package Dimension (inch): L75.59**W22.05*H7.09
    Neat Weight (lb.): 39.7
    Gross Weight (lb.): 44.1

    Suitable Places:
    Living Room, Vestibule, Bedroom, Library, Office, Public Area, Work Area


     Dry Environment  No Fire

    Product Story:
    The Nelson Platform Bench is a high quality reproduction of the original designed by Nelson in 1946, the Nelson platform bench remains a landmark of modern design. These adaptations of classic unadorned Nelson benches' features clean, architectural lines; the Nelson wood base platform bench is also available in small and large.

    The Platform Bench is based on the classic George Nelson Bench and is the perfect a compliment for just about any room. Over the years the benches have been used in a variety of spaces, and as such are not just suited to the home environment, but also within commercial offices, bars and waiting areas. Its clean and unique lines are perfect for accenting any room and will be a perfect fit for any empty space. Open slats with uniform spacing allow air and light to pass through.

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  • MLF Pavilion Bench (4 Colors/2 Sizes) (MLF003)

    Product Attributes: 

    Size 1:
    Product Dimension  (inch): L47.2*W15.7*H16.5
    Package Dimension (inch): L50.39*W19.69*H9.84
    Net Weight (lb.): 26.46
    Gross Weight (lb.): 35.27

    Size 2:
    Product Dimension  (inch): L52*W20.1*H16.5
    Package Dimension (inch): L55.91*W23.82*H9.84
    Net Weight (lb.): 46.3
    Gross Weight (lb.): 55.12

    Suitable Places: 

    Bedroom, Sitting Room, Leisure Areas, Hall, Hotel, Villa, Club


     Vacuum with Soft Brush Nozzle  No Direct Sunlight
     Clean with Special Oil  No Heat
     No Wet Towel  No Sharp Objects

    Product Story:
    As with the rest of van der Rohe's Collection, our reproduction of the Spanish Pavilion Bench, combined with attention to detail and fine craftsmanship is the epiphany of elegance timeless design. Made of the finest leather, this furniture classic would fit seamlessly in your home. The design was used for the first time in 1930 in Philip Johnson's apartment in New York and later shown to the public in 1931 at the Berlin Bau-Austellung as part of the furniture for a bachelor's apartment. Mies van der Rohe, designer of this bench, is generally recognized as one of the founding fathers of Modernism, and the purist of Modern architects. His work is characterized by a constructional clarity, free-flowing space and careful detailing, in accordance with his famous maxim "less is more".


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  • MLF 2 Seater Bench (5 Colors) (MLF605)

    Product attributes: 

    Product Dimension  (inch): L35.8*W18.9*H15.7
    Package Dimension (inch): L38.19*W21.26*H18.9
    Net Weight (lb.): 22
    Gross Weight (lb.): 26.46

    Suitable Places:

    Living Room, Sitting Room, Leisure Areas, Work Place, Hall, Coffee House, Hotel, Villa, Club


     Vacuum with Soft Brush Nozzle  No Direct Sunlight
     Clean with Special Oil  No Heat
     No Wet Towel  No Sharp Objects

    Product Story:

    Reproduction of the top famous classics design.Chair & Ottoman is designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who was one of the pioneering masters of modern architecture. Mies, like many of his post-World War I contemporaries, sought to establish a new architectural style that could represent modern times just as Classical and Gothic did for their own eras. He created an influential 20th century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. Add elegance to any living area of your home with this exotic yet comfortable "All Weather" living collection.

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